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It sounds more stressful than it is. We actually have a pretty wonderful
life. I guess anything is what you make it, and we are grateful for tools
like BookShare that add to quality of life. I also enjoy cross stitching,
although that is a distant second right now. Reading is very relaxing, and
proofing comes naturally to me. That's why I'm being so greedy and
requesting books that I will especially enjoy because they bring back happy
childhood memories. Pretty narrow minded of me in one sense, but that way
I'm fulfilling three objectives at once.


Take care!




Please pray for Doug's Dad & visit his website:






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Valerie, you must have a really stressful life taking care of your family. I
don't know if I could manage it. I hope that, now and then, you can find
someone to take over while you spend some time just relaxing.

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