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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 21:13:35 -0500

We were recently discussing the most popular list and I expressed some ideas about it that I suspected and some frustrations because I didn't know for sure. Well, that discussion was based on the assumption that it displayed about 1600 titles which is about roughly equivalent to the number it showed before this new search funtion was instituted and so was probably the most popular books in the last month. Well, it now shows 20845 results. I doubt that is a list of books downloaded in the last month. The first page has not significantly changed, so I suppose the default sort order has not changed either, but now I am even less sure what I am looking at. Changing the sort order to title, author, copyright date or date of addition will not, with this large number, be useful at all for determining the popularity of a book. It would be really nice if we could be given some basic information like what is the sort order and over what period of time it covers. That is, what good is a list if we don't know exactly what it is a list of?

Roger Loran Bailey

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