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  • From: Mayrie ReNae <mrenae@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 06:48:50 -0700

Hi Jamie,

I'll work on Encyclopedia Brown just as soon as I finish with "Killer Callories."

Yes, when I download the rtf files from the step 1 page, page numbers are there. As for your other question, I think it has to do with Kurzweil and how it interprets daisy files in some way. I'm waiting for a definitive answer on that one. No one has told me why, yet, Kurzweil doesn't see that part of the printed text. My guess is that they won't either.


 At 05:02 AM 10/15/2007, you wrote:
Mayrie, I think the book with the page numbers at the top is an improvement over the one with numbers at the bottom, because you have to "turn to" a different page to find the solution. So if you still want to give it a look over when you have a chance, I think that would be very good.

Are the page numbers in there when you download the rtf from step 1? And if so, why aren't they there when you download the book from the collection?

Jamie in Michigan
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