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Hello Everyone,

Sorry about the typo in the subject line last time.

I had missed, or forgotten about the video on YouTube of Steffon Middleton 
using Bookshare for school that Estin posted here a few days ago. Lissi and I 
went up and listened to it last night, and she told me that she had discovered 
more videos up there from other Bookshare members. I thought I would post a few 
links here. I think they're marvelous and uplifting examples of the positive 
impact people can have on the lives of others.

The first link is for a video of Jessica Pinto, an 8th grader who I believe has 
cerebral palsy. A great love of life comes out in her voice, and she is reading 
better and faster because of the work we do here.

The next one is for Shane McKnight. Using Kurzweil and books from Bookshare, he 
says that his grades have gone up from a 20 to an 80. 

He would especially like more books about skate boarding, a biography of Tony 
Hawk for instance. Now if Lissi can find that book about a skate boarding 
monster she says she has in her house somewhere, I told her I would scan it. 
I'm not kidding. There really is such a book. I can't wait to read it myself.

The last one is from Alex Clark. He says that Bookshare has helped him bring 
his grades up, in his words, "from below failing to above a B.". You can't  get 
much more change for the better than that! <grin>

These are all middle school kids and they were none of them great readers. But 
they are all getting better and what is I think even more valuable, developing 
a love of reading for its own sake; not just to fulfill class assignments.

It is a wonderful thing to know that in scanning and validating books for 
Bookshare, we are improving the lives of others all over the world, and 
bettering their prospects for the future.

By posting these here, in addition to wanting to share them with you, I'm 
hoping that you all will share these links with your friends and relatives who 
may have no idea what Bookshare is or why some of us devote quite a lot of our 
time to it. Hearing these kinds of stories is a reward that money cannot buy.


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