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I posted on Jake's site. So no digging necessary.


For scanning and validating  tips 
check out 

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  Okay.  I've done some playing around with FR8 this weekend.  I'm using an 
Epson Perfection 1660 and I've chosen the FineReader interface option for 
scanning.  I also went through the set up options and read the help files.  
It's amazing what you can learn like that!  <big grin>  I unchecked everything 
they said might slow down the scan and everything that looked to be unnecessary 
since I only want text and will do the editing in another program, but it's 
still very sluggish.  The really strange thing is that it gets slower with each 
page scanned.  So the lapse between scans for the first page will be 15 
seconds, then 22 seconds, then 28, then 35, then 40.  I'm not sure how slow it 
will get because my patience run out long before we get there!  I've never had 
this happen with any scanning software.  


  I then went back to FR7 and unfortunately got the same results.  All this is 
with my laptop, but it has a lot of memory and is usually a pretty fast 


  The other thing I don't like about FR8 is that it is saving each page scanned 
as a file in my ebooks folder.  This is happening even though I checked the 
option in the save dialogue to create one file for all pages and am not even 
saving it as a batch file when I'm done scanning and saving.  I think FR7 did 
something like this, too, but it saved it somewhere in the FineReader manager 
and I just had to go in periodically and delete the file so it could start all 
over again.  


  I wanted to go back to my desktop to check on the setting options I used 
before, but can't get into it.  It's a long story, but the end result is that I 
can't access anything on my desktop for now.  


  Does anyone still have the last message I sent out about setting up 
FineReader for scanning?  Of course, my copy of that message is on my on-strike 


  I'm determined to get to the bottom of all this.  I like FR too much to give 
up on it yet.


  Peace and Hope,





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  Under FRPro's Scanning options, which interface are you using?  It will 
typically ask you to use iether the original application (i.e., the scanner's 
interface) or the Fine Reader interface.  What scanner are you using?  with my 
trial version, I have not encountered that particular problem.  In fact, a book 
scanned with a gray-scale and 400 DPI setting scans faster with the same 
scanner than it does with either K1000 or Openbook.





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  Hello to those of you who are playing around with FineReader.  I currently 
own FR Professional version 7.0, but am testing version 8.0 on a trial basis.  
I've started scanning a book tonight, and can't figure out why it is scanning 
so incredibly slowly.  I think I'm using the same settings I use with FR7, but 
the lapse between pages is interminable, and I don't even have the box checked 
to pause between pages!  Usually, I check this box and tell it to pause for 5 
seconds.  Any ideas?  


  The resulting scan is good except for treating the headings like columns and 
ending it with a section break continuous.  The text of the book is beautiful, 
though.  Of course, I get beautiful text with FR7 without the other problems, 
so if this doesn't get better soon, I will be saving myself the cost of the 


  I'm very interested to hear what others are experiencing.


  Peace and Hope,



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