[bksvol-discuss] Re: More Awards for Bookshare?

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  • Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:26:48 -0800 (PST)

After reading a few posts I feel I must  put in my
two-cents' worth (smile).

Both kinds of books are necessary. I agree with
Shelley that bookshare, like any librarym should
preserve books that are hard to obtain, and maybe old
but still good. Books that parents enjoyed as children
and want to share with their children and
grandchildren. Older books by authors that maybe
people, after reading a current book by the author,
want to go back and read. Angels and Demons by Dan
Brown has become quite requested at our library after
people read The DaVinci Code. It wasn't written that
long ago and is still available, but there are other
books that are older.

The current best-sellers seem to get into the
collection quite quickly, thanks to the staff. Even
long ones like Harry Potter and the Clinton book.

The Newberry Award winners -- and I thought Marissa
said they are all on now -- books wriiten for a
juvenile audience -- upper elementary ahd junior high,
but enjoyed by anyonw-- and become classics that will
be read by schoolchildren for years to come. The
Pulitzer Prize winners in the various categories also
become classics and should be made available. 

 We need to think of bookshare as a large library with
material available for every taste, and fortunately
there are scanners and validators with varied tastes
so that goal can be reached.

BTW, I'm curious: has anyone loaded to read "Early
Medieval Italy,Central Power and Local Society
400?1000" other than the person who scanned it?


-- siss52 <siss52@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm not Shelley, Mike, but I wholeheartedly agree.. 
> I think it must be a PR
> move but it wonn't appeal to the average Bookshare
> customer.
> Sue S.
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> Shelley
> While certainly havingg award winning books in the
> collection is a worth
> while project, whatever that award category happens
> to be,
> especially from a pr perspective, I suspect average
> readers would be more
> impressed if goals such as having best sellers
> available within "xx" days
> or weeks,book of the month type selections, et al
> were approached as
> target projects.
> More customers will read a best selling romance,
> mystery, or expose -- and
> certainly these books are more often discussed
> around the office -- than
> Pulitzer or Newberry books.
> The question is whether these projects are first
> viewed for their pr value
> or for providing the types of things that people in
> the everyday world
> read.
> Ideally, one should have both.
> That's how a conventional library is built; and that
> ought to be the
> approach BookShare should follow in expanding its
> collection.

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