[bksvol-discuss] Re: More Awards for Bookshare?

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Hi Mike, 

You've essentially hit the nail on the head: how to balance pr and complete 
snazzy award collections with the everyday reality of getting X number of 
current, bestselling and timely books on the site while they're still timely. 

No doubt there is a manpower issue, and there's also a very real budgetary 
issue. We certainly have the in-house volunteer resources to produce anywhere 
from 50-100 current books a month. However, with the high speed scanner, we 
destroy all of the books we scan, meaning that any NEW hardback we want to put 
on the site will cost us about $20 plus the manpower. So, a lot of in-house 
production is done with what we have--donations and rejected library books from 
the 1990s. And, since NLS produces at least some bestsellers anywhere from six 
months to a year after they're out, it's challenging to know what we want to 

I brought up this thread on the volunteer homepage because the collection 
development policy is something we're revisiting and revising. Thanks for all 
of your input on "awards books" thus far. I need to emphasize, this isn't the 
central focus of collection development. But it is nice to say that maybe every 
year or every six months, we'll be adding a complete set of "something" to the 
site, in addition to a newfound push for what's current. 

And on the subject of awards, I think it would be great to get all of the 
Nebula Award winners up there--which is granted by the Science Fiction Writers 
Association every year for best science fiction novel (and novella). Thanks to 
many submitters, we already have half the winners in the novel categories up. 
It might be fun to try to complete the list by June or July. I can post it if 
anyone's interested. 


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While certainly havingg award winning books in the collection is a worth 
while project, whatever that award category happens to be,
especially from a pr perspective, I suspect average readers would be more 
impressed if goals such as having best sellers available within "xx" days 
or weeks,book of the month type selections, et al were approached as 
target projects.
More customers will read a best selling romance, mystery, or expose -- and 
certainly these books are more often discussed around the office -- than 
Pulitzer or Newberry books.
The question is whether these projects are first viewed for their pr value 
or for providing the types of things that people in the everyday world 
Ideally, one should have both.
That's how a conventional library is built; and that ought to be the 
approach BookShare should follow in expanding its collection.

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