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Dear Bob, and Booksharian Friends,

We sympathize.

Ingathering was scanned and proofread by one of Bookshare's out sourcers,
Daproim Africa ,

Evan and I are reading Dick Francis's first Sid Halley novel, Odds Against 
which was processed by the same group and it's missing all of the chapter 
headings, has a very few scannoes and is missing paragraph breaks where the 
lines of dialogue are short. Goes to show that we volunteers, working for free, 
when we take care, can produce better quality books than companies being paid. 
It also goes to show that protecting chapter heads with our tried and true 

blank line
page number
blank line
chapter name
blank line

still works most reliably. Maybe they should try our method.

Always with love,


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  I am currently reading 
  "Ingathering: The Complete People Stories of Zenna Henderson".

  This is a book of short stories, and, dammit, some of the story titles are 

  There's nothing more disparaging than to be reading a story and have 
something surrealistic happen only to find out it's a different story. 

  We had this problem with the old stripper but I thought her younger daughter 
had learned better.

  Can't engineering fix something as minor as a story title?

  Bob (mad as a wet hen)!

  "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
  committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is
  the only thing that ever has."--Margaret Mead 

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