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Thanks, Jamie. Jgot 'em. You and Cindy certainly make things easier and smoother.


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here it is Mickey (also attached):

ago, but it has remained the only designation given to
the woman who is married to the man we call "Mr.
To me, each is indeed the First Lady, and will ever
hold my greatest respect.
J. B. W.

- page break -


CONTRARY to published reports, Eleanor Roosevelt never
walked anywhere. She ran. She always raced down the
halls of the White House from one appointment to
another, skirts flapping around her legs. And then she
would sail out the front door at full speed, jump into
her waiting car, and call out to the driver: "Where am
I going?"
Or she hurried down the driveway and out the front
gates to the bus stop or, on a sunny day, marched
resolutely a full ten blocks up Connecticut Avenue to
her volunteer office on Dupont Circle-and on her way
back, she gathered up people to bring home for lunch.
There were no Secret Service men hovering around
Eleanor Roosevelt.
I was introduced to this awesome study in human motion
on my first day in the White House, March 1, 1941. I
had just begun work as assistant to Chief Usher Howell
G. Crim, a small, proper

Jamie in Michigan

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