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  • Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 00:36:27 -0400

Laura Ann,

Shhh!  Be vewwy qwuiet, we're hunting wabbits.
(Actually, Sue S. didn't want us starting this thread, and now we've gone and done it. I shouldn't
bring Elmer Fudd into it.)

I always do the pages the way Mayrie wrote, and I haven't had a complaint. Mayrie has download some of the books I've proofread, and she says the chapter headings are there. And I also take Sue's advice and put three asterisks with spaces (* * *) above new chapter headings, no matter where they are in a book, sometimes they're not at the top of the

I haven't found a fast way to move the page numbers from the bottom of the page to the top, unfortunately. And I don't understand why the page numbers aren't eaten, but I'm a

Best of luck,

On Mar 27, 2009, at 11:26 PM, Laura Ann wrote:

I don't know....I haven't seen a bookshare staff memeber answer this question yet.
I hope we will get an official word on it sometime soon.

I have also emailed privately trying to make sure I am doing it right so we don't loose the first line of text to the stripper.

But I haven't heard anything so not sure.

I do the pattern like Mary suggest of blank line, chapter heading, blank line text. I insert blank lines at the top of all pages hoping the stripper doesn't take part of the book out. I on books that have page numbers leave them and on ones that don't leave them out. I prefer the leaving them out due to how it reads when listening to fiction.
I leave them in on non fiction.

I didn't realize that the stripper could take out the text of the book last year though and have tried Sue's ** to protect and thought someone had said with the new stripper it doesn't take out the text....

so not sure and not sure either from a bookshare staff on Page numbers vs not putting them in.

I know listening its not pleasant to hear the page number read twice on the stream or in a program on the computer from the daisy file when page numbers are left and I have emailed from the bookshare web site and from my email account asking if the page numbers are necessary for daisy navagation but never heard back on it.

I would like to know from bookshare staff how the new site and new stripper and daisy navagation handles
page numbers
chapter headings so they are protected.
what protacall do they want us as volunteers to follow for daisy navagation

I know as volunteers we have ideas and opinions but wondered what the official word is from bookshare staff on what the preferred way to handle all of this would be.

This is not addressed in the manual and I hope that the hours we spend on books protects the text of the books.

Yes, I know its been dealt with here in the past few weeks in long conversations. But I have seen only volunteers express opinions but no word from the staff on how the stripper works and the page navagation works.

HOping for official word to know how to make our books the highest quality.

Laura Ann

At 09:35 PM 3/27/2009, you wrote:
So, Mayrie...

If the page numbers are at the bottom of the page and I *don't* move
them to the top of the page (I almost always do), then the first line
after the blank line is deleted?  I did not know that.

Bummed Out,

On Mar 27, 2009, at 9:45 PM, mayrierenae@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Everybody!

I downloaded three books from the bookshare collection last night,
one of them a very new addition to the collection, and none of them had any
chapter headings.

In case anyone doesn't know how to make sure that chapter headings
won't be stripped from your books by the terrific (serious sarcasm)
stripper, here is the page formatting that works.

Page break
Blank line
Page number
Blank line
Chapter heading
Blank line
Text on the page
Blank line
Next page break.

I would like to stress that if there isn't a page number above the
chapter heading, the chapter headings will very likely not appear in the final copy of the book that bookshare patrons download from the collection.

I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but just in case
anyone doesn't know about this issue, I thought I'd mention it.

Thanks for hearing me out.


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