[bksvol-discuss] Re: Missing Eddings Books?

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My local library has both Guardians of the West and Demon Lord of Karanda.  
Guardians isn't due back until Sept. 19, but the other one is in the library 

So I can do them when I get done with a couple other books in the pipeline.  I 
don't want to read through them, though, so they won't be up to my usual 
submission quality.  But I will do a rank spelling and make sure all the 
preliminary pages come out correctly.  Hopefully, someone will want to read 
through them to get them up to pristine condition.

I almost missed them, though, because I did an advanced search for malloreon, 
which is how NLS spells it, and I got only books 4 and 5, but that seemed odd 
to me, so I searched for all Eddings' books and found them listed under 

Yes, I enjoyed the Belgariad.  The Malloreon was not bad but not quite as good, 
and the Elenium was worse yet.  That's why I left Eddings after The diamond 
Throne.  But I don't like to see series with gaps in them, at least series I 
have read.

I will have to think about filling in the missing Crown of Stars books after 
these Eddings books are done.  I'm working on Volume 7, the final volume, now.  
Books 1, 2 and 5 of that series are missing.

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  I've checked with my local library.  Unfortunately, I had no luck finding 
them.  I'll keep on looking as well.  I'm a relatively big Eddings fan.  
Belgariad's my favorite.  The other series fall short.


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  Okay, too bad.  As I said, I'll scan them if my local library has them.  I'll 
check on them after I get done with a couple of things I want to finish here.  
After Labor Day anyhow.

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    They were rejected because there were many missing pages. Almost like half 
the book. I rejected them so I know what I am talking about.

    I asked my sis in-law to scan them but she never got around to it.

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      I hope it's a wonderful scan.  I read through every word of it, fixing 
anything I found.

      I read both the Belgariad and the Malloreon.  The Beldin quote I 
mentioned is from King of the Murgos, I think.  But why anyone would put up 
books 2, 4 and 5, and leave out 1 and 3 is a mystery to me.  I don't know, but 
I just didn't like the Elenium and I kinda lost track of him after that.

      Do you have the two missing books? 'cause I don't.  I read them on tape.  
I'll scan them as long as I don't have to buy them.  Get back to me when you 

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        'twas I. You have the names of the books correct.
        I am enjoying validating your scan immensely.  It causes me great grief 
to have to admit that it is an absolutely wonderful scan and I am thoroughly 
enjoying it.

        You will be glad to know that I broke my hand so won't be troubling you 
for the next few weeks.  However just wait till I get back.

        If you haven't read the 2 Eddings series, (the Belgariad and the 
Malorians) I highly recommend them.  

        Please forgive any spelling errors however the hydrocodone is a bunch 
of fun.

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          Who was it here mentioned two missing books in one or another of 
David Eddigs series?  He/she wasn't specific, but from the list here, it looks 
like two of the Malloreon are missing.  Were those the two this person was 
thinking of?  It looks like Guardians of the West and Demon Lord of Karanda are 
not here.

          Let me know, maybe I can help fill those in.

          Also, unfortunately, the listings correctly give:
          The Diamond Throne (The Elenium, Book 1)
          but also have:
          The Sapphire Rose (The Elenium, Book 1)
          which is actually book 3.  But I guess it's too late to do anything 
about that now.

          I left Eddings after the first Elenium book, but I did like the 
Belgariad and the Malloreon, so get back to me on this.

          One of my favorite quotes was from Beldin, the sorcerer, who said 
something like:  "People almost always assume a disabled body contains a 
disabled mind."  That's a pretty close rendering.  I'll bet many people on this 
list know what he means from personal experience.


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