[bksvol-discuss] Misha's 1000 page book on Yugoslavia

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  • Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 10:43:55 -0600

Misha, my hat is off to you for scanning these! You have my sympathies, especially as I just finished proofing an 800 page book and that was a lot of work even though it was a pretty good scan. I can't imagine doing the scanning of something that's 1000 pages! grin

I'm definitely going to want to read "Black Lamb and Grey Falcon." I'm first generation American on one side (my Dad immigrated from Yugoslavia) so it will be fun to read about it. Dad's name was Misha, btw, which was Americanized to "Mike" by the immigration authorities! smile.

Judy s.

And speaking of diet...with all the cookbooks on the download list, I'm
tempted to proof one even though I am trying to lose weight.  However, the
main reason I don't is because I already have two large non-fiction books
that I am working on that are real time sinks (but interesting). I am proofing a book on the Vietnam War called "Patriots" which has short
interviess with a variety of people from each side (575 pages).  I am
scanning a travel book from just before World War II about Yugoslavia called
"Black Lamb and Grey Falcon" (1183 pages).

Yes, I am fishing for sympathy.


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