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At the risk of adding to the clutter, I couldn't agree more with this message.

Seems like subtle hints don't do any good, so, What on earth do raising cats and electrical plugs have to do with scanning and validating books?

Perhaps a better question is, why am I subscribed to this list?
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Well, it seems that it is that time again when the list gets way out of control with over a hundred messages a day. You can tell because some faithful member who is just trying to keep up, posts something like "When are you scanning?" in an attempt to slow it all down. When other equally faithful list members don't recognize such a message as a plea for judicious use of list space, then it's time to get specific.

I actually saved my last very specific message on this topic with the intent of just reposting it as needed as this issue comes around as regularly as tax season, but it was pretty bitchy, so I thought I'd write another one instead. <smile>

 Here are the important points:

a.. We're all volunteers who are very dedicated and most of us have other life interests (e.g., jobs, families, pets, commitments in the community, etc.) b.. We all enjoy the comradery of the list and being able to exchange information. c.. When the volume of message gets high enough to make someone cry "uncle," it is no longer an exchange of information but an unruly dump of messages that most of us can't possibly read through. d.. Two reactions begin to occur: A. Faithful volunteers choose to unsubscribe, thus denying the rest their valuable input; or B. Faithful volunteers delete everything with a list subject line just to find personal messages even though this creates concern that we may be missing something of importance.

 The solution?

A little self restraint! Please take personal messages off list, and keep the OT messages down to a minimum. In fact, during such a time when list traffic is high, it would be prudent to not post OT messages at all.

It's all about balance and respecting the time of others. We all do it and we all get lax about doing it and then we get a reminder to be mindful again and we do it. We're really a pretty respectful group.

So what do you say? Can we cut back the list flow and find that happy medium again?

 Donna S


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