[bksvol-discuss] Re: Merry Christmas Tolkien Fans, A Gift

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MessageDear everyone,

I hope i don't have you tearing out your hair! I'm almost tempted to try it!!!

I'm thinking my computer must be stressed or something. After writing the last 
message to you, after rebooting, I went back and checked Meditations and the 
BRF link was there. Maybe it was so recently added I was rushing the system and 
it hadn't had time to include the BRF link, yet. Or, as I said, my computer 
seems strangely unpredictable and may not be processing everything correctly. I 
really repeated the search twice before writing to the list about the missing 
BRF link, but it is there now. 

I can't fathom how the Book-share system processes so much information from a 
zillion sources and translates it in to several formats and files it in several 
locations when I can't manage my own personal data.

I'll be giving the list a break and concentrate on validating no matter what 

Always With Love,

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  Dear Jill and Everyone,,
  I am sorry for sending 2 messages with the same question. My computer gave me 
an error message when I tried to send both of them so I thought none had 
reached the list. When I rebooted, they apparently sent themselves.
  Jill, I understand  your point. While listening the length of the lines 
wouldn't make a difference. I thought maybe the brf file might have long blank 
spaces after the shorter lines, but maybe not. I've decided not to worry about 
the few short lines on page 44. 
  Always With Love,

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