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Cool, will have to download that one for the BC to read to me.

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MessageDear Tolkien Fans,

Merry Christmas!!! Carrie's scan and my validation of, Meditations on 
Middle-Earth has been approved!!! I believe I'm experiencing what it feels 
like to win the lottery!!!

If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, you will probably love this book 
in which 15 successful fantasy authors, a Tolkien scholar, and the 
Hildebrandt brothers who illustrated Tolkien in the seventies and provided 
the art for several LOTR calendars, write about their first impressions of 
the trilogy which they read as children, and then talk about how their 
understanding of the book has matured with them and influenced their further 
reading of fantasy and their own writing.  Three chapters were so heartfelt, 
they made me cry. One made me scoff. One outlined talkie's other books and 
the books his son compiled after he died in a way which helped me understand 
his work as a whole and in a sequential fashion. Many authors talk about the 
other fantasy books they tried because they wanted more books like, The Lord 
of the Rings.

Personally, I tried several fantasies and found very few truly engaging 
except, The Once and Future King, Watership Down, The Little Prince, Peter 
Pan, The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. This book gave me ideas of 
other fantasies to try.

Poul Anderson died the year this book was published. While reading his 
essay, I felt I had been granted one more conversation with an old friend. 
Most of the essayists are men and many revealed in their response to 
Tolkien, what warm hearts they have.

Reading this book you'll gain new insights in to The Lord of the Rings and 
learn a great deal about the fantasy genre Tolkien is credited with 
inspiring with his unforgettable characters and his Middle-earth which seems 
as real as our planet with its computers, taxes, and fast food, and timeless 
elements including nature, love, evil, loyalty, sacrifice, poetry, music, 
war and joy.

Below is the long synopsis.

Fantasy writers answer the questions, Why is The Lord of the Rings so 
popular? And How has Tolkien's writing influenced the path of Fantasy?. 
describing their first encounter with the trilogy, and how, their 
understanding of it's style and wisdom expanded as they matured. They say 
Tolkien influenced their fantasy writing, and examine fantasy literature. 
George R. R. Martin credits Tolkien as the first to create a fully drawn 
alternate world. Poul Anderson compares Tolkien's elves to Seraphim, Le Guin 
finds rhythm and patterns in Tolkien's style. Pratchett cannot recall where 
he was when JFK died but describes in detail the time and place he first 
read Tolkien. Michael Swanwick reads Tolkien to his 9 year old son, and 
accepts his honored role as a father and his place in the circle of life. 
Robin Hobb explains fantasy is popular because readers sought more books 
like Tolkien's. Orson Card reveals the true hero of Middle Earth. Esther 
Friesner thinks Elves are hotties. This is a wealth of information about 
Middle-earth, the nature of fantasy, and additional fantasy books

Merry Christmas, Tolkien fans and peace on Earth and Middle-earth!

Always With Love,


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