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  • Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 16:23:37 -0600

You are using Arial 10 as well and your message looks like Mayrie’s.  I looked 
in Braille markings and underline is unchecked, but again my reply to your 
message says bold Tahoma.  It is only Arial 10 that looks like this on my 
display.  All other messages look okay.

Sue S.

From: Kim Friedman 
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Hi, Sue, I don't know what screen reader you have, but if you have Jaws, there 
is a way to get rid of 7 or 8 dot Braille. If you can get into the Braille 
settings (I generally hit f2 and choose Braille options. You go through what is 
said, and when you find Braille Marking options, make sure you read them. What 
you might want to do is turn off underlining  and that will get rid of 7 and 8 
dot Braille except you will keep that flashing on the place where your cursor 
is. Don't know if that helps you out, but I had to do this when I opened 
Internet Explorer and for regular stuff. After you have it the way you want it, 
then you either go to apply and press enter there and go back to okay and hit 
your spacebar, or just go to okay. (Forget which is correct which is why what 
I'm writing sounds very provisional depending on what you get.) Please let me 
know if this solves your problem. If I've just muddied the understanding, I 
apologize in advance should you experience any frustration. Regards, Kim 
Friedman. P.S.: I find it very difficult to read 7 and 8 dot Braille, and 
having that underline under every symbol of Braille made it impossible for me 
to read. K.
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Hi folks,

When Mayrie writes a message in arial 10, left justified, for some reason it 
appears underlined alll the way on my Braille display.  Neither Mayrie nor I 
can figure out why this happens.  Dots 7 and 8 appear all the way across every 
line of the messages, and it is more difficult to read.  And no, I am not 
picking on Maayrie, as I often ask her for help.  (smile)

And Mayrie, sorry, I didn’t know you still submit as a volunteer in addition to 
your subcontract work.  My apologies.

Sue S.

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