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Jake doesn't have access to Bookshare's database.  As Pratik said, he's
updating the page when Gustavo sends him an e-mail with new data.
Jake and I have asked the staff to make Marissa's List dynamic, and even
suggested using the Step 1 page as a template to create the new pages, but
we haven't gotten them to give it a high enough priority for it to be done.
They're hiring a project manager to work with Engineering, and one of this
person's tasks will be to assign priorities so that high impact minimal
effort tasks won't slip through the cracks, the way lots of our requests
have in the past because they've devoted all of the Engineering resources to
strategic goals which require months of effort .  It doesn't sound like
we'll be seeing any of the high impact minimal effort changes any time soon,
though, because they've lost nearly all their Engineers to turnover, and I
don't believe they've been able to hire any replacements yet.  BTW, the
Engineer or two they have left are not assigned to Bookshare full-time, but
have to be shared by all of Benetech's projects.


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This is probably for Jake I guess.
I was looking at the lists and just couldn't help but wonder why we couldn't
have a page that dynamically generates those lists?  When you freshen them
how do you do it?  Are you running some kind of search of the database?  If
so that could be done via programming so that they are fresh whenever
someone brings up your pages.  Sort of like the url you gave us that gives a
fresh list of new books that are English.  
Could you enlighten us on this?

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