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I submitted that book and I was sure, or I thought I was sure, that I had most pages. Bt sure enough 375 is missing. I wonder if it was actually missing in the book I scanned. Can anyone get it from their library? If I have to, I'll interlibrary loan it, so just let me know. I'm really sorry about this, and sorry for repeating 356, you are a good qc person :). Maybe Cindy can get it? Thanks again, ad I'm sory. If you'll keep renewing it, we'll get you the page somehow. Can anyone help me out here or should I get it myself again.


At 11:20 AM 7/10/2004, you wrote:

I forget who submitted 'Marching Through Peachtree' by Harry Turtledove,
but if you're on this list, could you please email me page 375?  In its
place in the zip file is page 356, but I think one page 356 in a book is
enough :-)

Or if anyone else has the book and can scan just that page, I'd appreciate
having it.  The scan was very good, it was relatively easy to fix the
minor glitches, and it's an excellent scan now.  I'd hate to reject the
book just because of the one missing page.

My local library doesn't have the book. If it did, I'd just type the page
in myself.

Thanks, Carrie

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