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The pole is extremely long, thin enough to reach around it with a single
hand, and heavy.  Because of Shelley's description that it's the longest
she's seen, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it's at least 50 feet long
and 100 pounds.  If you have lots of muscles and wanted to carry it the way
he did, then you'd walk to the middle of the pole, stand on one side of it,
slide your hands under it, then pick it up.  You hold it low just in front
of the body to lower your center of gravity.  That makes it easier to
balance on the rope.  That's why it is heavy.  It's very long to allow you
to adjust your balance to the right or left in order to help keep you from


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Not only is your comment interesting but otos very
helpfu. I'll remember, when I describe the scene, to
specify how the pole is held.

From having seen either him or something similar on
television a few years ago:  picture a taut cable
stretched between two very tall buildings. The long
pole (I don't have the book yet but Shelley said ait's
the longest pole she's ever seen or heard of) would be
held in the man's two hands in front of him,
perpendicular to the cable.

I don't know if it's the same man or not, but there
was a man who does tightrope (tight-cable?) walking
from very high places. Sometimes he gets paid to
perform at events. In addition to walking between two
very high buildings, without a net below, in New York,
I remeber that for some festival in Switzerland or
some such place he walked between wo very all
mountains. It was really breathtaking (literally, as
least for me).


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