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After thinking for a few minutes I can visualize a man being way way up
high, and Shelley helped me with that.  What I am unable to visualize is how
he would hold the balancing pole?  I assume he woouldn't lift it since it
was so long, but is that right?  And how is it positioned in relation to the
cable on which he is walking?  Did his friends hold it, one in one tower and
another in the other tower?  Those are the things I cannot imagine..


Sue S.

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I've requested The Man Who Walkied Between the Towers
(oubranch's copy is checked out) and when it comes
I'll ask Marissa to put it on the download list so I
can describe the ilustrations. (my atonement --

Shelley, you mentioned using your imagination. I've
wondered what children who are blind from birth
imagine. I assume that they are taught by feel shapes
and textures, and what things are that can be felt,
but perhaps some of you who have been blind since
birth can explain what you "see" mentally? If someone
tells or told you, for example, that a man was on a
tightrope strung between two tall buildings,  is there
any way you can describe to me or tell me what you see
in your imagination? You can write to me offlist if
you feel this is not appropriate for the list.

BTW, I've also been wondering -- I know maany of you
have sighted spouses, but are Carrie and I the only
sighted people volunteers on this list, does anyone
know? Are my questions supid or inappropriate?


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