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He actually holds it in his hands.  It is not connected to the wire in any 
way shape or sort.

Take a cane and hold it in both hands across your body, with the tip 
pointing to the right shoulder and handle to the left.  Hold it at about 
waist height, now imagine that cane being over forty feet long.

In my home that is twice the  length of our living room.

Even with a five foot cane, you can feel your balance shift if you move the 
cane back and forth.

He just held it, and carried it as he did his tricks.

But he never turned it so it was pointing straight into the sky.

Trapeze artists, use a swing with a bar on the bottom.  There are usually 
two such swings, and two platforms, one on one end of the stage the other on 
the other end.

An artist grabs the swing and swings out across the stage, holding onto the 
bar with their hands.

At the same time on the other side of the stage another normally swings 
towards the middle, in the middle they will flip, and "change" swings, and 
go back.  That is the simplest of their tricks and really hard to do in the 
least, smile.

Then they add more complex stuff, which of course increases the chances for 
a mistake.

On our swing set, we had a swing with a bar on it, and my brother and I 
would swing upside down, pretending to be trapeze artists, smile.

We had "rings" too, which were on chains, and I loved to hang upside down 
from them.

No one make comments on too much blood rusing to ones head, and about 
future, intelligence, smile.

But I loved it, and imagined once, that I was a trapeze artist.

Did some of the "uneven bars stuff" while I was in gymnastics growing up.

Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
Graduate Advisory Council

The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to
stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.

      -- Vance Havner
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Talking about the long stick that he carried perpendicular to the wire, does
it grasp the wire:  In other words, is there a slit in the end of the stick
so that it will not move if he leans on it for support? Does he move the
stick first and then move his front foot and then is back foot?  I have
never been able to see and I never thought to ask these things.  It is
interesting, though, that the chat here brought to mind a movie I saw, or
maybe it was a book I read a very long time ago, about the Flying Wolindas,
and even though their story is a horendous tragedy I never thought to ask
anyone how they did the high-wire tricks or even what they did when the
accidentt happened.  I only accepted that they did the tricks and that one
mistake when doing one of the tricks led to the horendous ending.


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