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Oh, I remember the Wallenda tragedy.  They were in a pyramid on the wire,
with ppoles to hold thhem.  A girl was on top of the seven member pyramid.
One of the  men on the bottom didn't feel well and was advised by oone of
the others noot to appear, but he insisted.  When the pyramid of people were
going across the wire, the man who wasn't feeling well said something to the
effect that he coouldn't hold his end of the pole anymore, dropped it, and
crashed to the ground.  That is how the tragedy started.

Sue S.

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Talking about the long stick that he carried perpendicular to the wire, does
it grasp the wire:  In other words, is there a slit in the end of the stick
so that it will not move if he leans on it for support? Does he move the
stick first and then move his front foot and then is back foot?  I have
never been able to see and I never thought to ask these things.  It is
interesting, though, that the chat here brought to mind a movie I saw, or
maybe it was a book I read a very long time ago, about the Flying Wolindas,
and even though their story is a horendous tragedy I never thought to ask
anyone how they did the high-wire tricks or even what they did when the
accidentt happened.  I only accepted that they did the tricks and that one
mistake when doing one of the tricks led to the horendous ending.


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