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  • Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 22:08:00 -0500

Hi Reggie,

I think you are picturing the balance rod going the wrong way.
Pick up your cane, or a broomstick, use an underhand grasp with both hands, have your hands shoulder width apart and your arms extended their full length, this should put your simulated balance rod below your waist and your hands should be outside your thighs with thumbs forward.
It's just a rod with some heft to it, no eyes, loops, or any way of attaching it to anything. It performs the same function your arms would if you extended them straight out to your sides at shoulder height, it just does a better job of helping with balance. High wire artist don't always use balance rods, sometimes they just use their arms, but I suspect he used a rod this time since he intended to stay up for such a long time. I guess he was going to stay out long enough to get the attention and media coverage he wanted, and I don't think anyone was going out to arrest him. If you don't believe your arms would get heavy, just try sometime to hold them straight out for an hour or so.
Good high wire artist, walk, dance, run, do flips, cart wheels, etc. on the wire, and sometimes add in skits where they pretend they're falling.



At 09:34 PM 2/18/2005, you wrote:
Talking about the long stick that he carried perpendicular to the wire, does it grasp the wire: In other words, is there a slit in the end of the stick so that it will not move if he leans on it for support? Does he move the stick first and then move his front foot and then is back foot? I have never been able to see and I never thought to ask these things. It is interesting, though, that the chat here brought to mind a movie I saw, or maybe it was a book I read a very long time ago, about the Flying Wolindas, and even though their story is a horendous tragedy I never thought to ask anyone how they did the high-wire tricks or even what they did when the accidentt happened. I only accepted that they did the tricks and that one mistake when doing one of the tricks led to the horendous ending.


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