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That's odd, because unless the one taht I downloaded was replaced, I didn't have a problem with the Last Juror, did I just read it quickly?

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I downloaded and am reading John Grisham's The Last Juror. Every couple of pages, the last sentence in a paragraph is incomplete. In many cases, a lot of text is cut off. This book should not have been approved. I think it should be taken out of circulation and rescanned.

I was shocked and temporarily traumatized by one occurrence:

"For the first six months I lived in Clanton, I usually fled the place on weekends. There was so little to do. Other than an occasional goat"


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Hi Shelley -- those books could be on hold for various reasons. Some may be running into process difficulties, while others may have unresolved questions around them. The only one I know about below is The Sagas of the Icelanders, which we're trying to confirm has had printings in the U.S. (it has a foreign copyright notice). The others are being dealt with by the admin for some reason or other, however.

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I have asked this several times before and not gotten an answer. So... I am going to try again. What does "Hold bookshare" mean. In the following titles. These have been on hold for months now, so am wondering why.

HOLD BOOKSHARE Alex: The Life of a Child Frank DeFord
HOLD BOOKSHARE Dear Kilroy: A Dog to Guide Us Nora Vitz Harrison
HOLD BOOKSHARE The Sagas Of Icelanders Editor

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