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And I'd be willing to validate, unless someone else wants to. I've been wanting 
to try one of her books.


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> Monica, I couldn't even find M.C. Beaton on the list,
> either under authors 
> or where we enter the name under title or author; I
> didn't know the specific 
> name of any book. Where did you find them? I agree with you
> about books 
> rated excellent; so many would really benefit from
> rescanning that I would 
> hardly know where to begin. If anyone would like to rescan
> a Maeve Binchy 
> book, please contact me and I will tell you which it is.
> It's one of her 
> best, I think, but I don't want to do it since I have
> already read the book. 
> Jill

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