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HI Kelly, 


I know when I helped with beta testing the one thing you have to do with
Voiceover is learn it from the ground up. If you bring in all you know from
JAWS, or outspoken then it can seem a little different. The daily Voiceover
users I know don't find it lacking at all. 


Plus I know when I moved into the Pc JAWS world I thought JAWS voice sounded
really different. It comes down to what your ear is use to. 



Katie Hill

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Hi all,

I tested Voiceover at a tech conference, and I found it kind of frustrating.
It seemed to be missing some key functionalities, and its speech is kind
of...idiosyncratic. My opinion may not be worth much though because I've
been using Jaws since 1997 and Keynote before that, and haven't really used
an Apple product since 4th grade. As for the speech, it sounds just like my
friend Chad so I find it rather endearing despite its weirdness.


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