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Hello Laura Ann, 


Some information on screen readers and Mac's. I started as a Macintosh user
back in 1990. Back then a program called outspoken was the only screen
reader for Mac's. Looking back now starting on a Mac served me well since it
lead me into the work I do now with computer support. Now a days I do most
of my work on Windows but a big part of that is that the university I work
for doesn't do much in the way of Mac support. 


Apple back in 2004 developed their own screen reader called Voiceover. I did
work with it during the beta testing but to be honest haven't kept up with
it as well as I might have. I know a number of current Macintosh users that
really do like the screen reader and Apple is continuing to develop and
support it. The other very strong point for Voiceover and Macintosh is the
screen reader is a part of the OS and comes with any Mac you by. 


Maybe when I have a little more time I will brush up on it and start using
it more. 



Katie Hill

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I noticed you use a mac.
Are you totally blind and if so what speech do you use and have you found
the mac to be blind friendly?

Jus curious.
I use jaws with windows XP.
But am curious about macs.
Laura Ann

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