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I have read an article stating that the book is in Spanish as well as
English.  Barns and Noble has two different prices one was $29 for the
Spanish version and the other was $9 for the English, but when I received
the book, it was in Spanish.  This frustrates me since I have read his other
3 books and I'd like to read this one.  If you're interested, Robin
Pilcher's book A Risk Worth Taking is a good read, but I do not plan on
scanning it since I own the audio version.

Thanks for searching maybe we'll find it sooner or later (sigh, smile).

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> Sharon, I must have done the same internet search as you, because all I
found at various sites
> were copies of the Spanish translation, Aires de Cambio.  I also checked
various library catalogs,
> however, including the L.C. with no luck. I wonder if perhaps that might
be a Spanish translation of
> one of the other books with a creative title that the translator might
have thought fit the book better?
> Unfortunately, I couldn't find a summary or review of the book. I find it
odd that it's pretty recent but
> that neither Amazon, B & N nor anybody else has it in English .
> From: "Sharon Jackson" <dolly1025@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Looking for a Book
> Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 18:56:40 -0400
> Hello Everyone:
> I have been looking for Winds of Change by Robin Pilcher.  I can find it
> the Spanish version, but have yet to find it in the English version.  I
> it has an English version and the copyright year is 2002. If anyone
> to find it, could they let me know where?  I'd be happy to buy it and scan
> it since I have the rest of his books.
> Thank You,
> Sharon
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