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Yay, Dave!  I should have read all my mail before
answering Gerald. Thanks for finding the copyright


--- talmage@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Gerald,
> I don't know if this is much help, but here is what
> it says about the book 
> at the Science Fiction Book Club web site.
> by Tamora Pierce
> 800 pages
> Publisher: Random House Children's Bk.
> Publication Date: August, 2002
> Ten long years have come and gone since the Kingdom
> of Tortall proclaimed 
> that girls could take on a page?s training. At long
> last, one young girl 
> has come
> forward: Keladry of Mindelan.
> Kel and her family spent several years in the Yamani
> Islands, where she 
> received warrior training in the arts of
> self-control and weaponry. Her 
> aptitude
> seems clear, but the training master, Lord Wyldon of
> Cavall, fears that 
> women are too weak to serve. Since her parents are
> highly regarded by the 
> court,
> Lord Wyldon gives in, but on one condition: Kel must
> serve a one-year 
> probation.
> Kel is furious, but she feels compelled to accept.
> She longs to become a 
> knight like her heroine, Alanna the Lioness, the
> King?s Champion. Drawing 
> on her
> Yamani training, Kel braces herself against the
> hazing of her classmates, 
> who believe that no girl is good enough to serve
> side by side with a boy.
> But this girl is determined to succeed. Kel refuses
> to let anyone or 
> anything?including fearsome Immortal monsters such
> as the Spidren, Tauros 
> or Hurroks?prey
> on the weak or the small.
> And this determination will stand her in good stead,
> as she readies herself 
> for a future that includes an evil sorcerer who is
> the greatest monster of 
> all?.
> Includes First Test, Page, Squire and Lady Knight.
> Jacket art by Greg 
> Newbold. (790 pp.)
> I don't know how this squares with the copyright
> page info you sent which 
> included:
> >First SFBC Science Fiction Printing: November 2004.
> >
> >All rights reserved under International and
> Pan-American Copyright
> >Conventions.
> I would be tempted to say that since the author is
> the copyright holder, I 
> would go with the 2002 date, as printings and
> editions don't always impact 
> a copyright.
> I also wouldn't worry too much about the ISBN if it
> is causing problems, as 
> it is an optional field anyhow.  If the submitter
> however, filled out the 
> ISBN field, it shouldn't be a problem as the system
> accepted it already.
> I would also say, if the submitter doesn't get back
> to you, go for the 
> replacement pages, as long as you number them
> accordingly, even if they are 
> from a single volume edition.
> Dave

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