[bksvol-discuss] Looking for Submitter

  • From: "Gerald Hovas" <geraldhovas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <bookshare-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 14:48:36 -0600

I'm looking for the person who submitted "Protector of the Small" by Tamora

There are some formatting problems with the submitted file that I'm hoping
were caused by conversion to .RTF just before the upload.  The formatting
problems are causing an 800 page book to be 2100 pages in Word and 1200
pages in OpenBook.

Also, if you (or someone else) have the book, pages 647 and 648 contain only
garbage.  It appears from the Table of Contents for that part of the book
that page 648 is a map which may have caused both pages to scan incorrectly.
It's also possible that the garbage is entirely from the map on page 648,
and page 647 is missing.

I'd also like to verify that the pages of garbage near the beginning are all
pages containing maps.  The core content appears to be all there except for
the two pages I mentioned above, so I'm almost certain that the garbage is
the result of scanning the section of maps mentioned in the first Table of

It would be helpful too if the five Tables of Contents are rescanned with
column recognition turned off so the page numbers don't all end up at the
bottom of the page.  This isn't as important as the other items since the
page numbers appear to be correct and can all be edited by hand.

Last, I'd like to verify the ISBN and copyright information.  I couldn't
find a reference to them using Google.  I know that www.sfbc.com probably
has the information since, according to the book, the Science Fiction Book
Club is responsible for publishing of this book, but I don't want to
register with the club in order to verify the information.  The information
is probably correct since it appears that the copyright page scanned
correctly, but there doesn't appear to be a copyright for the entire book,
only copyrights for each of the four books that were printed separately in
the past.


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