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Hi Guys:
I will double check with Bookshare about the section breaks that are actually 
page breaks. I have had 47 books validated and added to the collection. So, I'm 
sure that the section breaks as page breaks is not a problem. I will indicate 
this to validators. A little while ago I decided in order to get my books 
validated quickly that I would pre-validate them. I now remove the headers, 
label blank pages, validate and correct all page numbers, and do a careful 
spell check. This has helped everyone I'm sure. Unfortuneately, the books I 
have hanging around on step 1 are not pre-validated. They are only spell 
checked carefully. I will be willing to do some of the pre-validation whith 
them, if this will help some people.
Jim Nuttall

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Judy, can I ask which book of Jim's you tried and Word did weird things to it? 
I'd like to have a look at it.

Jamie in Michigan 
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