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the form is supposed to return error messages for the problems it encounters, but it's been a little bit broken for a while now. No body seems to want to admit and attempt to fix it.

One of the most common errors is actually the file name. It often helps to rename the file you wish to upload to something short and without punctuation. Of course the period before the file extention should be present.

The second most common problem is the short synopsis field. You usually get an error when it is too long, but I think it has happened that people did not get an error and it was still the problem. Try copying your short synopsis in to a program that can give you a character count. If that is under 200 characters including spaces, then I would consider a problem with the long synopsis field. You could possibly just shorten the long synopsis field a little and try again.

Oh, make sure the ISBN field isn't the problem. If you need more help copy the information for your book in to an E-mail and send it to the list for more assistance.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
Assistive Technology Trainer
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Okay, what is the real limit on the long description for a book submission? The web page says less than 500 words and I believe that is the field that is causing the problems.

I copied the information off the cover which is 1bout 170 words and it
still crashes.

I'm going to try again with no descriptions and see if that does the

It seems to me that if it really will take 500 words is should do that.
Or at least have better error returns that indicate exactly what the
problem is.

J. R.

J. R. Westmoreland  -  Network Planner
Phone: (801) 220-4784


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