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And may I say thank you to whoever buys books for Bookshare. I just looked 
through that list of upcoming books and found a whole handful of books by 
Leon Trotsky, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. I really did not think I would be 
listened to that well. This is one of those reasons that I wonder if 
volunteers are becoming obsolete. It appears that it is a lot more quick to get 
book or a certain kind of book in the collection by just asking for it than 
by scanning it oneself. At least I think it would have taken me years to do 
those myself and even if I had then how long would I have had to wait for a 

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Carrie, thank you! This at least gives us the info we need to 
avoid duplication.

Judy s.

Carrie Karnos wrote:
> Hi gang,
> The list of books that we are working on is now on the wiki. This is the 
> list of books that we have had donated to us, or that we have bought, or 
> that authors or publishers have given us. Some of the books are already 
> in the collection, some are at the outsourcers, some we're planning on 
> buying. This does NOT include the Wish List or the Being Scanned list.
> The webpage is 
> <
> Obviously it's in a really primitive state, but since so many people are 
> so upset, we figured that anything was better than nothing. The format 
> is title, last name of author, first name of author. The current plan is 
> for it to be updated when our buyer does some purchasing, which is 
> usually 100 books 3 times a week. So it will be updated every few days.
> If you are planning to scan a book, please check this list before you 
> scan your book. If your book is on our list, we're already working on it.
> Hope this helps! Carrie
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