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Hi, Cindy. I'd like to have a copy of your list. The entire list is
fine...you don't have to shorten it for me. Take care.
Julie Morales
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I now have ready a list of books that have been requested but are not yet in
the collection (though if they
are being validated or in the administrator approval pile I don't know.)

The list is 6 pages long, but I can shorten it by using a smaller font or by
eliminating the books
fromTami's school district that still aren't in the collection. I also have
the original list of Teacher requests
that I got from bookshare when I first joined, but I haven't had a chance to
check those against the
collection and Tami's list (for duplicate titles). I'll do that another time
and add those, as well as other
requestst that are posted here henceforth, in a second list.

If anyone wants me to send them the list, please let me know. Louise, you
mentioned originally that you'd
like to have it. Do you want the whole list or a shorter one? You can write
to me directly.

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