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Could you send me the list...the whole one/longer one would be good.


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> I now have ready a list of books that have been requested but are not yet
in the collection (though if they
> are being validated or in the administrator approval pile I don't know.)
> The list is 6 pages long, but I can shorten it by using a smaller font or
by eliminating the books
> fromTami's school district that still aren't in the collection. I also
have the original list of Teacher requests
> that I got from bookshare when I first joined, but I haven't had a chance
to check those against the
> collection and Tami's list (for duplicate titles). I'll do that another
time and add those, as well as other
> requestst that are posted here henceforth, in a second list.
> If anyone wants me to send them the list, please let me know. Louise, you
mentioned originally that you'd
> like to have it. Do you want the whole list or a shorter one? You can
write to me directly.
> Cindy
> socly@xxxxxxxxx
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