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Great Mary, thanks.  These are great nstructions.  Off to my folder for 

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Hi Reggie!

Yes, there is a way to place blank lines on both sides of a page break.

Open the find and replace dialogue by pressing control plus h (That's the 
control key held down and the letter h)
In the find box type ^m (That's the number 6 in the top row of the keyboard 
capitalized followed immediately by the lower case letter m
In the replace box type ^p^m^p that's the caret, shift 6,  followed by the 
characters p^m^p)
Tab to the "replace all" button and you have replaced the page breaks with page 
breaks preceded and followed by blank lines.

Let me know if I've been unclear and I'll try describing the process again in a 
different way.

Happy proofreading!


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Question:  Is there a way, after finding out if there are page breaks in the 
book, to use find and replace in Word to place the blank lines above and below 
the page breaks? Must we do this by hand? 
Just thought of this and inquiring minds, etc. (smiles) I read the whole book 
anyway so it doesn't matter but ... 

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