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Hi Chris,

Are you a contractor for booshare??  I did not know that.

Sue S.

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I attended the Bookshare.org "all hands meeting" a couple of weeks ago.  I 
came back loaded with enthusiasm about the tremendous staff they have 
assembled even with most new hires and contractors (including me) starting 
after January 1 of this year.  It's an awesome operation and it will 
continue getting better.

Chris Hofstader
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Hi, everybody. Have you all noticed how smoothly things are running this 
week, even though Bookshare staff are traveling for the conventions? 
Remember how everything used to totally shut down during convention week and 
for most of the beginning of July? No new books, no customer support, and no 
communication. Wow! I am impressed this year. Lisa, Carrie,  and the rest of 
the staff have been working hard so that our service isn't interrupted while 
they do the conventions. Thanks too all of you for keeping things going. 
(big smile) What a wonderful Independence Day gift to wake up to 45 new 
books in the collection.

Monica Willyard
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