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Hi, all.

The second submission of the day is some lesbian erotica. Purple Panties: An 
Eroticnoir.com Anthology edited by Zane is now on step one. Please be aware 
that this book does contain a ton of adult content, so, if this offends you, 
you probably won't want to pick this one up.

It got a 99.73 rating. There is a lot of slang, and a ton of proper nouns in 
the book that will throw the spellchecker for a loop. So, be mindful of that. 
Page breaks were protected, and I corrected the scanning errors I found. 
However, I did not strip headers, so whoever validates this might want to do it.

If you have questions, contact:

Here's the synopsis:
What happens when "The Finest Man" you have ever laid eyes on is a woman? What 
happens when a woman comes home to her man after a hard day's work with 
"Lipstick on Her Collar?" What happens when a married woman runs across the 
love of her life-another woman-who insists that "Its All or Nothing?" Is there 
such a thing as playing too "Hard to Get?" What happens when "Mom's Night Out" 
turns into group sex? What happens when you discover your true sexuality "At 
Last?" All of these questions and more are answered within the pages of Purple 

Written by women from all over the world, here is a new level of lesbian 
erotica, compiled by Zane, that promises the most exciting and steamy reading 
experience possible. These stories move beyond race, age, and all walks of 
life, including long-hidden passions, secret rendezvous with strangers, and 
May-December romances.

Happy validating.


Women will starve in silence until new stories are created which confer on them 
the power of naming themselves.

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