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I wonder whether it is because the number of submissions is going down, the 
number of books being proofread is going up, or a combination of the two.

Either way, the trend can't keep going the way it is indefinitely. Whatever the 
case, the number of submissions needs to go up.


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  I remember when there was four hundred books on that page too. I used to have 
fun browsing through it. 
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          I was really surprised to see the step 1 list has only 134 books on 
it. I remember when 400 was not unusual.

          I have to work tomorrow night and then I have four nights off and so 
I will try to scan some interesting things this weekend. Maybe I will go out to 
storage and unearth some books.

          Jamie in Michigan 
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            I remember when the "step 1" page had over 700 titles on it, and I 
know it was one of the times, as I absolutely don't like editing, or 
proofreading, but I stopped scanning.  it is truly awesome.

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              Hi Monica,

            What a great note! It’s terrific to have the perspective of someone 
whose been volunteering with Bookshare for so long, and who can speak to the 
way it’s evolved over the years. I wasn’t aware of the early on scarcity of 
proofreaders – but it’s great to know that that gap has been filled, and to 
hear the can-do enthusiasm as you rally the team towards the fun challenge of 
50,000 books in the collection! Am sure it’s a goal well within our reach too – 
Go Team! 







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            Hi everyone. I just noticed something cool and new about our 
volunteer community. We have enough dedicated proofreaders that those of us who 
like to scan can kick into high gear! In the past, many of us have felt the 
need to throttle back our production and take time to proofread books waiting 
for approval. For us it was an either/or situation. There were chronic 
complaints about not having enough proofreaders and having very large queues of 
books to process. At that point, we didn’t have the proofreading support to 
keep submitting new books. Adding more books was like putting fuel on the fire. 
Some of us stopped scanning completely while others just didn’t submit books 
and kept them on our hard drives. That’s no longer necessary. This means that 
we no longer need to be pinch hitters unless we want to. The shift has been 
quiet and gradual, and it’s definitely here. We’ve got a lot of world-class 
proofreaders now. For the first time since I have joined Bookshare, anyone can 
freely work on either side of the equation based on preference and passion 
rather than concern for processing the queue of books. 


            Proofreaders are standing by, ready to roll. Let’s kick it into 
high gear and reach the 50,000 book mark this year. We’ve only got around 5300 
books to go, and we can easily do that this year. We’ve beaten that number for 
the past 2 years with less volunteers and help from staff. We can do this if we 
choose to. For those with books on our hard drives, let’s get them submitted. 
For those with giant stacks of books covering every surface, let’s scan some of 
them. Your scanner has been feeling kind of lonely lately. (smile) 


            The caution flag is down, and the pace car is on the move. The fans 
are cheering, and you’ve got a great pit crew. The track is smooth and clear. 
So to borrow from NasCar, ladies and gentlemen, start! Your! scanners! 


            Monica Willyard 

            "The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter 


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