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Mary has addressed most of your questions, but I wanted to add one more

If you scan in another language you will have problems if you do not turn
off automatic corrections.  It would be nice if they had auto-correction
files for other languages, but you can make your own if you are willing to
learn how and go through the work.  In the mean time just turn off the
feature when scanning in another language, or go through the corrections
file to delete those that incorrectly change words that are valid in the
language you are scanning.

The company might have trouble finding someone to provide the necessary
dictionaries to work with the program, so that could be why there isn't any.

You should really request Kurzweil 1000, because using 3000 is not going to
give you a good idea of how well it works for a blind or visually impaired
person.  I am really very happy with Kurzweil or I wouldn't be using it.  I
have no doubt that I could use off the shelf software successfully, but
Kurzweil is so nice!

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
curious entity at earthlink dot net

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>     Dear volunteers:
> Recently I received the demo CD for Kurzweil 3000 the one for dyslexics
> though I requested the K1000 but anyway; I installed it to my computer
which is an
> AMD Athlon 1.0 Gb 128 MB RAM OS Windows XP 2002 SP1 and it ran beautifully
> it does crash unexpectedly. First it froze my scanner and the IBM Viavoice
> goes silent after a while. Also I think the program needs a revamping in
its OCR
> engine Fine Reader or Expervision, the two of them recognizes poorly the
> and when you try to listen what is it reading you get the errors that the
> has made from recognition of the text. Also it needs improvements in the
> editing part and a feature to allow to choose between an English
dictionary or
> Spanish or whatever language is your book about.
> Also I have a trick I've done today to get rid of the book middle shadows,
> put a white piece of paper in the scanner that covers the pages inline to
> cover and it worked beautifully but you need to take a little more time to
> scan carefully, i.e. to hold the book flat and put pieces of tape to the
piece of
> paper to avoid moving it and of make sure you don't cover the text with
> Very truly yours
> Dilsia A. Martinez Rivera
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