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  • Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 22:30:23 -0700 (PDT)

Kiind of Blue was a returned to me for editing. One thing they want me to do is 
not to have the proofer's note on a page at the beginning Inprevious books I 
put note in the long synopsis, but this xplanation is pretty long; also, they 
didn't want me to put the submitter's name, so I'm putting my note (with kudos 
to Chela), here. smile

other thing they didn't want is for me to put two pages together, e.g., pp. 
22-23. They said it throws off the page numbering I  did this when photos (and 
some words were sspread across two pages. I know I used to do that with 
children's illustrations, and numbered the pages, but I'll go through the book 
and separate the pages.

PROOFER'S NOTE: The print book is oddly arranged . Unnumbered pages of photos 
are interspersed with numbered pages of text.
In order to get the text and pagination to run smoothly and consecutively, I've 
moved some of the photos;  I've made a list of those photos and their page 
numbers at the end of the book.; Also, the main text goes from p. 44 to p. 49. 
The intervening pages are Photos of a letter from  Columbia and are 
sequentially together in the list of photos. I've done  my best to make this 
easily readable, despite the photos on the pages .There are also other parts in 
the book where the sequentially numbered pages and text are interrupted by 
photos. Hopefully you'll be able to read the books smoothly by going to the 
pages as numbered. However, in checking the photo section I found an occasional 
page of main content that had formatting issues, and I corrected it. ; it was 
sometimes hard to tell in the book what should be a sentence and what a 
paragraph, or what should be just a new paragraph and what a new section, If a 
page needs to be redone, let me know and I'll get
 the book again and will rescan it. Cindy popularplace@xxxxxxxxx] 

The book has been read and carefully proofed, and a final spell-check was done. 
Likewise the photo section, which is at the end of the main text, before the 
bibliography and following pages. The scanning job by Chela was excellent. Very 
few scannos.


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