[bksvol-discuss] Re: Killers Wake by Bernard Cornwell -- Sorry, had tonuke it

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Very good point Mary.  And I suggest that a submitter should ensure that 
they have provided a complete text prior to submitting.  Yesterday I 
scanned a new book and when performing a page integrity check,  I realized 
that pages did not match.  From the text it was not obvious what was going 
on,  until I realized that the OCR was dropping pages.  So I fixed it.  I 
consider it a matter of personal pride to submit books that do not have 
holes in them,  and quite frankly,  I am a believer in egoless work.  If 
my materials have problems,  please feel free to let me know, whether or 
not the book has already been published.  I am a big boy and constructive 
criticism  will only help me provide the best possible quality for our 
customers,  for whom we ultimately work.  I trust that you and I share 
such pragmatic view of the world.

I'd be delighted to work with the submitter on the integrity check for 
this book.  Dave,  if you are there,  send me a note.


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[bksvol-discuss] Re: Killers Wake by Bernard Cornwell -- Sorry,  had to 
nuke it

Well, what I have learned from this  discussion is that I will validate my 
own stuff from now on. I am not going to leave blank pages and pages with 
only images in books, and I'm not going to have somebody come 
along and decide that excellent quality text that I submit is messed up 
because they see issues with page numbering discrepancies. Its irritating 
to have blank pages in books. I can see it for reference materials with an 

index, but not for your everyday average novel. I didn't submit this 
particular book. But if I did, and I found out that it got zapped because 
I had left out blank pages, I wouldn't be particularly happy. And what do 
do with books whose page numbers get scrambled by the ocr? I just had one 
like that. I have no idea why, but the page numbers were quite often 
messed up. Do you honestly think its worthwhile for somebody to 
spend a bunch of time fixing up page numbers in a novel that nobody's 
going to read for reference when they could be spending that same amount 
of time fixing actual text errors in some other book or scanning 
another book?  It would be nice if wew could release with comments, 
because that way, you could have put that back into the pool with a 
comment that you found page number problems but didn't check for actual 
text continuity.  It just seems to me that too much can go wrong with page 
numbers, and people can and will leave blanks and images out. So nuking 
for page numbering discontinuity will inevitibly result in good texts 
wasted and volunteers being less than thrilled because perfectly good 
texts that they spent time on have been zapped due to an over reliance on 
an error-prone method for validation.

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