[bksvol-discuss] Re: Killers Wake by Bernard Cornwell -- Sorry, had to nuke it

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Hi Guido,

Since there seems to be interest you should probably post your tips here. We can all usually benefit from finding out how others do something. It seems that over time we can tend to work ourselves into a rut, and do something just because that's the way we've been doing it. Unfortunately, what I had in this case was either a book too big, or a scanner too small. I don't know why it was so darn big as it was just an ordinary novel, but it missed both ways. From top to bottom was bigger than 9 inches, and when opened it was longer than 12 inches. I've had success in the past doing books slightly larger than the scanner bed, but it tends to terminate either headers or footers. The thing I didn't like about this one was the length, as too much care needed to be taken in getting the placement right so pages wouldn't crumple when the binding was pushed down. What I really need to do is find an inexpensive PCI SCSI card so I can hook up my HP 4P again.


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Actually, I found it rather amusing, that all unconcerned got bent out of shape. The only one not upset with me seems Dave, who simply did the practical thing: fixed his submission without too much adoo and will repost shortly, so I can publish it.

Before posting about scanning hardcovers, I'd like to hear from Dave about the size of this Cornwell book. My tips assume the width of the book when opened, does not exceed 11.5 inches.

Think quality!


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[bksvol-discuss] Re: Killers Wake by Bernard Cornwell -- Sorry, had to nuke it

See Guido, you nuked that book due to limitations in your validating method, not limitations of the book. And now you've got everyone validating their own scans to protect them from your ruthless ravages! Have you been enough of an intellectual irritant for one day? Btw, if you have tricks for scanning a big hardcover two pages at a time please post them for the good of all. <smile> Kellie

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