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Hi everyone!

The topic of Office 7 is raised from time to time. I just happened to find this part of the MS Office site that offers training on keyboard shortcuts to better navigate the ribbon. A lady speaks an introduction and then there are links to follow that will allow you to read so you can be trained. Since I have Word 2000, I did not listen to or read much, just enough to know what it was about.

The various links are:

Keyboard shortcuts in the 2007 Office system
Introducing the Ribbon
What's on the Ribbon?
More new features in the Ribbon programs
Types of keyboard shortcuts
Test yourself

Navigate the Ribbon with access keys
Key Tips and badges
More about Key Tips
Getting around with the arrow keys
The TAB key and the Ribbon
Cycling with F6
Navigating beyond the Ribbon
But I know all the old menu shortcuts?
Test yourself

Carry out commands by using key combinations
Your friend: the CTRL key
Shortcuts that no longer work
Test yourself
Quick Reference Card

The page I'm on is at:



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