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  • Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 16:44:00 -0400

Next time, clean up first. That gets rid of trash files. Defrag then takes all the little spaces where those files were before you deleted then in cleanup and makes the little spaces into one big space by rearranging your hard disk contents. That is what is meant by defragmenting a hard disk. congratulations on being successful.

At 04:27 PM 9/1/2006, you wrote:
Well, the disc defragmentation did the trick. I scanned twenty pages in repeated scanning mode, did a couple search and replaces and arrowed up and down through some pages and a couple of other things, and it is back to the way it was when I installed it. I did forget to do a check for errors, and I will do that. But it appears that the program was slowing down due to a fragmented disc. Sorry, I didn't write down the statistics before I did the defrag, but I guess it is sufficient to know that that was the problem. Also, as per Nick's suggestion, I changed the setting in the Hold Scanner portion of the settings dialog box to Never.

Thanks to all for the help.

Sorry about the first couple of cranky messages. All I can do is quote someone who once said: "only a mediocre person is always at his best."

Thanks, again.

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