[bksvol-discuss] Re: K1000 Slowing Way Down

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  • Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 12:48:27 -0500

have you ran dis defrag
try that
and also try to do a scan disc to fix errors

I have had a simular problem and am thinking of getting 1 more gig of ram
I have 1 gig and have noticed my computer slowing in other programs as well.

Laura Ann
At 12:23 PM 9/1/2006, you wrote:

I installed the demo version of K1000 a little over two weeks ago. Now, the program seems to do everything much more slowly than it did when I first installed it.

When on repeated scan, I have it set to delay six seconds, but most of the time now, I have to wait about twice that long for it to start scanning. It used to say "scan complete" as soon as the scanner started going back up, but now it takes several seconds. Just arrowing down from one page to the next involves about five or more seconds of waiting to get a response. I had to add a blank page this morning, and waited approximately ten seconds to get a response. Search and replaces take a lot longer than they did when I first installed this thing. Everything takes longer, and it is getting quite maddening. I repeat: It was not like this when I first installed it.

To forestall the obvious questions:
I have not installed any other software since installing K1000.
I have not experienced any similar slowdown in any other program I use, such as MSWord.
Closing K1000 and restarting it does not help.
Shutting down and restarting the computer does not help.

Is this a permanent feature of the program? It starts out zippy and turns into a glacier? It would be irritating enough to have to wait more than five seconds to go from one page, for example, to the one immediately below it. But it is much worse knowing that it wasn't that way in the beginning.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? This is starting to drive me up a wall.

Thanks for any help.

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