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What is the Sugar Creek gang, Gwen?


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I haven't gotten to them in my bookshare pile of books to read,
but I was looking  for books similar to the Sugar Creek gang books and found
the Cul-de-sac kids now whether they are like the Sugar creek Gang I don't
yet know but will find out
the Sugar Creek gang has I think almost 40 books they say.

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I never rread Sugar Creek Gang books but I'm happy to add them to to the
Wish List. Reading about them on amazon it sounds like a good series.


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books-being-scanned list available at sites below

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I saw a bunch of them already on bookshare, 
I wonder if I'd like them?
Sense I like tame books as my husband likes to put it *smile*
and I wonder,
I don't believe I remember hearing the Bobsey  Twins when I was a child,
I'm sure I didn't read them,
I'm not sure why,
unless it would be the fact,
I had a terrible knack of misunderstanding things that  were said,
and I thought my brother said "The Boxing Twins"
and until I was an adult, I still thought these books were called "The
boxing twins!
And I have read one or two, need to read more.
and waiting for more  Sugar Creek gang books there is finally one up there,
and you can bet I already read that one.
Sorry for rattling.

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The books I am scanning now I just bought off of eBay. I do not have any
Hardy Boys, but I will keep my eyes open for inexpensive lots. I was
thinking there were a good number already in BookShare, but I might be
wrong. I know there're a ton of Nancy Drew books up there. 


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On 08 17, 2009, at 1:45 AM, Susan wrote:

Hi Valerie,
My husband Larry wonders if you have any Hardy Boys books in your

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