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I have just submitted the Sisters of Henry VIII by Maria Perry.

Henry VIII's sisters, neglected by generations of historians, impacted the 
lives and perceptions of their contemporaries much more forcefully than did any 
of their brother's famous six wives. In The Suterj of Henry VIII, Maria Perry 
examines the lives of these extraordinary women and analyzes their influence on 
European history in the Tudor Age. 
Both sisters, Margaret and Mary, initially accepted their status as pawns in 
the dynastic power struggles that raged across sixteenth-century Europe. 
Margaret became queen of Scotland at age thirteen; family members arranged 
beautiful Mary's betrothal to the aging King of France when she was twelve. But 
both women chose their second husbands for love. Margaret bucked convention by 
marrying and divorcing twice after Henry's advancing armies slaughtered her 
first husband and kidnapped her children. Mary risked execution by proposing to 
the handsome Duke of Suffolk. By illuminating the characters of these two 
historical figures, Perry casts light on other aspects of Tudor England, 
offering a tresh interpretation of Henry VIII's upbringing and of his 
relationship with immediate family members. 
In this eye-opening expose of the intrigue and scandal that simmered just 
beneath the Tudors' regal image, Perry reveals striking new information about a 
family that - more than any other - shaped the development of both Reformation 
England and the modern world. She delivers a new and entirely viable theory 
about what transpired on the wedding night of Henry's doomed elder brother, 
Arthur, England's heir apparent, and she presents her own spectacular findings 
on Henry's illegitimate son, his "worldly jewel," the shadowy Duke of Richmond. 
Groundbreaking in both depth and scope, The Suiters of Henry VIII rescues two 
remarkable princesses from the shadows of history and radically challenges 
popular views of both the king and his era. 

Actress and writer M A R I A PERRY was educated at Somerville College, Oxford. 
Following a career in journalism, both in England and in Sweden, she undertook 
a wide spectrum of roles on stage and television and in film. She is a founding 
member of the London recording group The Poetry People. Her previous books, The 
Word of a Prince: A Life of Elizabeth I and Knigbbbridgc Woman, both received 
high acclaim. She lives in London.

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