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I have just submitted for validation the following:

Blood done sign my name, by Timmothy Tyson, Three Rivers Press, 2004, pp 350.

From the book jacket:

"Daddy and Roger and em shot 'em a n****r " Those words, whispered to 
ten-year-old Tim Tyson by a playmate, heralded a firestorm that would forever 
transform the tobacco market town of Oxford, North Carolina

On May 11, 1970, Henry Marrow, a twenty-three-year-old black veteran, walked 
into a crossroads store owned by Robert Teel and came out running Teel and two 
of his sons chased and beat Marrow, then killed him in public as he pleaded for 
his life

Like many small Southern towns, Oxford had barely been touched by the civil 
rights movement But in the wake of the killing, young African Americans took to 
the streets While lawyers battled in the courthouse, the Klan raged in the 
shadows and black Vietnam veterans torched the town's tobacco warehouses 
Tyson's father, the pastor of Oxford's all-white Methodist church, urged the 
town to come to terms with its bloody racial history In the end, however, the 
Tyson family was forced to move away

Tim Tyson's riveting narrative of that fiery summer brings gritty blues truth, 
soaring gospel vision, and down-home humor to a shocking episode of our history 
Like To Kill a Mockingbird, Blood Done Sign My Name is a classic portrait of an 
unforgettable time and place


This is an amazing and powerful book.  I am thinking of suggesting it for 
thehistory book club once it gets up and running.  

Brian Miller

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