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Hi, all.

I have just submitted Lace by Shirley Conran for your validating pleasure. It's 
a long book, close to 500 pages, if I remember correctly. Kurzy gave it a 99.7 
rating. Page breaks have been protected, and errors fixed. Some work might need 
to be done with headers, but, other than that, I think it looks clean.

As always, if you have any questions, contact:

Here's a synopsis:

Four elegant, successful, sophisticated women in their forties have been called 
to the Pierre Hotel in New York to meet Lili, the world- famous movie actress.

Already a legend despite her youth, Lili is beautiful, passionate, notoriously 
temperamental          Each of the four has reason to hate Lili.

  And each of them is astonished to see the others; for they are old friends 
who first met in school, old friends who share a guilty secret- old friends 
whose lives are changed when Lili suddenly confronts them and asks: "Which one 
of you bitches is my mother?"

The answer to this question-a question that has obsessed and almost destroyed 
Lili-is at the heart of Lace. As the reader travels from an elegant Swiss 
finishing school in Gstaad to the glittering places where the rich and 
successful congregate, the book traces not only the life of Lili 
herself-abandoned, seduced, exploited, but at last rising to triumph as a 
star-but the lives of the four women, one of whom is her mother.

Lace goes to the very heart of a woman's sensibilities, ambitions, sexual 
needs, and desire for success in a changing world, as we watch the women give 
up their childhood romantic illusions to face life-a life of loves that don't 
always work out, dreams that sometimes don't come true, hard choices that have 
to be faced.

Shirley Conran has captured the intimate secrets, the guilts, and the passions 
of every woman who has experienced the childhood dreams of great romance-and 
the realities of womanhood.

No reader will fail to find some part of herself and her experience in the 
lives of these five unforgettable women -

Judy, the tough, self-reliant American girl who seems invulnerable to her rich 
friends, and claws her way up to become the editor-in-chief of America's most 
outspoken women's magazine... Pagan, the quiet, aristocratic English girl who 
captures the heart of a prince-and at last finds a kind of peace in a marriage 
that is at once a passion and a sacrifice... Kate, the best-selling writer, 
famous, envied, glamorous, who can never get enough success to pay her father 
back for what he did; and who, like the three women she has known all her life, 
may be, in fact, Lili's mother... Maxine, the haute bourgeoise Parisienne who 
marries the man of her dreams, a French aristocrat of ancient lineage, only to 
find that even the most ideal marriage sometimes goes wrong... And Lili 
herself, the tormented child who learns to use sex as a weapon, who cannot find 
peace until she knows which one of these women is her mother, and who may be 
destroyed by finding out who her father is - for that is the deepest secret the 
four women she has brought together have been hiding since the time when one 
terrible night

turned them from schoolgirls into women       

Lace is rich in incident, in detail, in story. But the true subject of this 
spellbinding novel is femininity itself, as fragile as the lace these women 
love and wear, as intricately woven, as subtle-and as strong.


Who can heal, but one who has healed herself? 
Who can know, but one who has asked and sought? 
Who can lead, but one who has traveled the way?
--ancient French proverb 

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